TessTess Turrin is an experienced executive with an entrepreneur mentality and a proven track record of success. Being in the advertising and marketing industry for over 16 years, she brings experience, knowledge and industry insight to the table and continues to help businesses grow from local to nationwide. In addition, she now is extremely passionate about giving business leaders a stage to showcase themselves and their organization on Business Leader of Today.


ChrisChris Horne is a software developer and local business owner providing an array of options to help local businesses with their telephone service. Chris is excited to join Business Leaders of Today in an effort to learn more about local businesses and help give entrepreneurs a place to promote their products and services.

Business Leaders of Today airs every other Friday at 11:30am EST and is hosted by Tess Turrin and Chris Horne. Each show offers the top business leaders of today a forum to feature themselves and their companies to discuss different topics that pertain to their industry.

Listeners have a unique opportunity to pick up various innovative industry tips, expert advice, and insider trends from the brightest and sharpest business leaders out there today.

Stay Tuned!

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