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Zeron Turlington with Atlanta Business Journal, Sytonnia Moore with Sytonnia, INC. and Jemmerio is Jemmerio with LGB Entertainment

Chris Horne, Tess Turrin, Jemmerio, Sytonnia Moore, Zeron Turlington

Chris Horne, Tess Turrin, Jemmerio, Sytonnia Moore, Zeron Turlington

Zeron Turlington/Atlanta Business Journal

Zeron Turlington, Atlanta Business JournalThe Atlanta Business Journal is proud to serve as a catalyst for a new generation of business owners, a valuable trend indicator for established African American and minority businesses. Their digital and print publication represents over 22 years of dedication to help generate awareness about the positive changes and collective success of local and global businesses.

Sytonnia Moore/Sytonnia INC.

Sytonnia Moore 2Sytonnia INC. is an umbrella created to add structure to all of TV and Radio host Sytonnia Moore’s endeavors, but the company quickly molded into a multimedia broadcasting, production and communications business. Still in the beginning phases, Sytonnia INC. has developed several divisions in a short amount of time and covered extensive ground in areas including, but not limited to, sports, entertainment, film, television, production and press with the Sports Wire, Sytonnia Live, The Media Firm and The Moore Help Foundation of Atlanta. Sytonnia INC. is set to be one of Atlanta’s premiere media outlets for lifestyle coverage, sports, entertainment and philanthropy

Jemmerio is Jemmerio/LGB Entertainment

Jemmerio is JemmerioHe’s funny, he’s real, and he’s the man Y’all Don’t “Know nothing about Damn Jemmerio”! With over 30 years experience in entertainment field as a professional comedian, actor, and voiceover artist in television, films and live shows, Jemmerio is one of the nation’s funniest entertainment comedians in the country.

Jemmerio’s entertainment career started back in the early 80’s while in high school doing talent shows around Metro Atlanta. His success led him from talent shows to night clubs and then on to the big screen and television. He has had numerous appearances on B.E.T. ComicView, and has also performed on Russell Simmons’ Def Comedy Jam, and NBC’s In the Heat of the Night and Matlock. On the big screen, Jemmerio has starred in the films “Big Ain’t Bad”, “Pay the Price”, “Glory”, “Free Jack”, and “Robocop 3”. His voice talents include “Heaven Movie” and “Roll Out the Red Carpet”, both by Sony Music.

Jemmerio’s talents don’t stop there, as he has also been featured in music videos by the Eastside Boyz and Bizzy Bone. He is a writer and producer whose writing credits include BET’s ComicView. He was an Associate Producer for Big Ain’t Bad and was the stage manager for “I’m Every Woman” Stage Play and “America’s Heroes Celebration” starring T.I. Ashanti, and Eve. In 2013, Jemmerio was awarded the Urban Vision Achievement Award for his 30 years in the entertainment business.

Tony Fountain with Intelligent Safety USA, Tonya Burge with My Apple Gadgets, Jim Ware with iMadeThis and Albert Grassia with Digital Safety Net

Chris Horne, Tony Fountain, Albert Grassia, Tonya Burge, Jim Ware, Tess Turrin

Chris Horne, Tony Fountain, Albert Grassia, Tonya Burge, Jim Ware, Tess Turrin

Tony Fountain/Intelligent Safety USA

Tony Fountain, Intelligent Safety USAIntelligent Safety USA is a technology-based security company that provides high end video surveillance, burglar and fire alarms, and access control. Their solutions use the latest in technology for deterrence, proactive responses, and evidence for the prevention and prosecution of crime. Their servers allow for the integration of your access control points to video surveillance and all your mobile devices.

Tonya Burge/My Apple Gadgets

Tonya Burge, My Apple GadgetsWant to get the most from your iPad or iPhone? My Apple Gadgets is Your Source For iPad and iPhone apps, news and accessory reviews. Tonya Burge (a.k.a. The iGadget Lady) shares some great iPad and iPhone Apps and Accessories with you as well as a ton of iPhone and iPad tips and tricks she’s found helpful. The reviews are unbiased and they are products that she’s either tried or currently use on a regular basis. She does the research so you won’t have to!

Jim Ware/iMadeThis

Jim Ware, iMade This, Inc.The relationship is paramount to Jim Ware, the owner of iMadeThis. Graphic design and website development are Jim Ware’s passions and creative solutions are what he does best. He wants to help you brand your business, build your website, launch your new advertising campaign and find overall creative solutions to reach your clients.

Albert Grassia/Digital Safety Net

Albert Grassia, Digital Safety NetDigital Safety Net helps private and commercial organizations assess their vulnerability to technological and security risks, and develop customized solutions to support workstations and networks from hackers.

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