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TessTess Turrin  Twitter Facebook

Tess Turrin is a Digital Account Specialist with CBS Local Digital Media which brings some of the most trusted brands in the media offering visitors a truly “local” experience. Some of her expertise includes strategy, design and managing custom digital marketing campaigns from local to nationwide.

She has successfully owned and operated multiple start-up companies through her career and held management positions for some of the largest publishing organizations in the nation.

She strives to be the very best she can professionally and personally, and enjoys taking on new technologies that increase her knowledge in the industry, in turn benefiting her business relationships. Completely self-driven, she is dedicated with a “Can Do” attitude which has always been recognized and continues to allow her to be successful in all aspects of her life.


Vanda Teixeira  Twitter Facebook

Vanda Teixeira is a game-changer and award winner in every space, and in every career, she has pursued. Originally from South Africa and of Portuguese descent, Vanda’s career has spanned a number of international stages. She was South Africa’s Top Portuguese Designer at the age of just 22. She was given the Young Entrepreneur’s Award by The Women’s League in South Africa, and was recognized for taking the pageantry of the Miss Portugal show to an international level. Vanda also was the face for a global cosmetic house and their International Marketing Director.

In 2000 she moved across the world to Atlanta, GA where she began her award-winning career in international finance, now sitting on the board of a boutique investment firm. She was later nominated Top Business Woman in Atlanta.

Having maintained contact with South Africa, in August of 2009 she was featured as the Most Influential Woman in Business and Government by an organization called “A New Era Has Begun.” She went on a 3-city South African tour of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban as a featured keynote speaker to the country’s most influential women in business and government.

Her mission and life’s work is to accelerate the progress and understanding of self in order to lift humankind into a capacity for greater spiritual awareness, and to assist the rise of a higher consciousness on the planet in order to lessen the chaos. To fulfill this mission she has created Vanda Incorporated, parent company of numerous global platforms and programs, and a suite of personal development products called Tools for Your Soul, all with the highest purpose.